Jun 26, 2019
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Ananthalwar Crowbar in Tirumala Temple

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Most of the people are not aware of Ananthalwar, and his crowbar history. He is a devotee of Lord Sri Venkateswara.In Tirumala we can see his crowbar on the Northern Wall of the main entrance of the temple even today. That crowbar has a great history.

Ananthalwar Crowbar History

As stories say, Ananthalwar was a great devotee of Lord Sri Venkateswara everyday he does flower service to the Lord. One day he decided to grow a flower garden on Tirumala hills near to the temple. Ananthalwar took a vow to complete this work by would be done by him and his wife only.

 He began digging the water well. Lord decided to help them after Watching their hard work and decent behavior. So he appears as a boy and starts helping his wife to throw mud outside. Ananthaalwar asks boy not to help his pregnant wife as he wants her alone to serve the lord, but the God(boy) intends to help her by observing her struggle .By seeing this, Ananthalwar got angry and throws his crowbar to the kid that crowbar hits that boy’s chin. Then boy disappears from there.

After finishing the garden work, Ananthlwar went to the temple to offer worship; there he noticed that Lord idol chin got hurt and bleeding continuously. Then Ananthalwar got realized that boy is a Lord Venkateswara and he immediately rubs with camphor to stop bleeding.

Lord was pleased with his devotion and said that the scar will remain forever and camphor will be applied to cover the mark. This ritual is carried out even today.

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