Jul 5, 2019
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5 Common Vows Undertaken by Devotees at Tirumala

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Tonsuring (shaving one’s head)

The objective behind tonsuring (shaving one’s head for the Lord) is to demonstrate that he/she completely surrenders his/her ego at the feet of the Lord. Pilgrims can have their heads tonsured at the Kalyanakatta.

Walking up the Hills

Many pilgrims walk up the hills to fulfill vows they have taken, for which Tirumala – Tirupati Devsthanam has constructed a footpath from Alipiri to Tirumala.


Angapradakshinam is when pilgrims lie prostrate, and then roll around the temple, chanting the Lord’s name. The objective is to show their devotion to the Lord, and thank Him for protecting them. It is performed in the Vimana Pradakshinam, one of the pathways around the temple.


Tulabharam is offering one’s weight in coins or other items such as sugar, candy according to one’s vows to the Lord. Tulabharam is generally performed for children. Pilgrims can weigh their offerings in the temple complex. The coins can be deposited in the temple hundi and other items can be handed over to the temple authorities present.


Niluvudopidi is offering to the Lord the ornaments, etc., that one is wearing when one takes the vow. The objective is to sacrifice one’s belongings to the Lord, with the philosophy “what is mine is the Lord’s”.

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