Oct 18, 2020
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Do’s and Don’ts at Tirumala

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Below are the Do’s and Don’ts’ to be followed by the visiting pilgrims at various places in Tirumala.

Do’s in Tirumala are as follows:
  • Worship your Ishta Daivam or Kula Daivam before you start for Tirumala pilgrimage.
  • Bathe in the Swami Pushkarini and worship Sri Bhu Varaha Swamy before you go to worship Lord Sri Venkateshwara Swamy.
  • Concentrate on Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy inside the temple.
  • Observe absolute silence and chant “Om Namo Sri Venkatesaya”, inside the temple.
  • Bathe in the Papavinasanam and Akasha Ganga tirthams also when you at Tirumala.
  • Respect ancient customs and usages while at Tirumala and promote religious sentiments among co-pilgrims.
  • Deposit your offerings only in the Hundi.
  • Keep Tirumala Clean and use Bio-degradable plastic.

Dont’s in Tirumala are as follows:

  • Don’t wear footwear in the four Mada Street around the temple.
  • Don’t carry much jewellery and cash with you.
  • Don’t Come to Tirumala for any purpose other than worshipping the Lord.
  • Don’t Rush in for darshan instead of waiting for your turn in the queue.
  • Don’t enter the temple; if according to custom or usage, you are prohibited to enter.
  • Don’t wear flowers at Tirumala temple, as all flowers of the sacred Seven Hills are for the Lord only.
  • Don’t waste Water and Electricity.
  • Don’t allow strangers into the cottages and hand over keys to them.
  • Don’t use non-degradable plastic.

Prohibited in Tirumala:

  • Smoking, Non-vegetarian food, liquor or other intoxicants.
  • Approaching of touts for accommodation, darshan and prasadam.
  • Spurious prasadams from street vendors.
  • Beggary.
  • Spit or commit nuisance in the premises of the temple.
  • Preaching and Practice of other Religion.
  • Political meetings, banners, dharnas, rastarokos, hartals.
  • Slaughter, killing, maiming any animal/bird for any reason.
  • Gaming with cards, dice, counts, money or other instruments of gaming.

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