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Ankurarpana held for Annual Brahmotsavams

Tirumala, 6 Oct. 21:  Ankurarpanam is also known as Beejavapanam was held in Srivari temple on Wednesday evening.

As a part of it, some pre-ritual religious ceremonies were held at Ranganayakula Mandapam where Sri Vishwaksenula Varu, the commander-in-Chief of Sri Venkateswara was seated and performed Asthanam.

About Ankurarpana

The Archakas placed nine types of cereals in nine pots. This ceremony is usually carried out under the moonlight. The growth of these seeds signifies the successful conduct of the nine-day annual fete. Special pujas were performed to mother Earth seeking fruitful germination of Navadhanyas during these nine days.

While the entire ritual process was underway, the archakas recited Somaraja Mantram, Varuna Mantram, Vishnu Suktam.

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